GMA3s Amy Robachs birthday surprise for T.J. Holmes revealed in video fans will want to see

Amy Robach was full of surprises when it came to her co-star, T.J. Holmes‘ birthday this year. 

The couple are now in a relationship after both their marriages are believed to have ended over the summer, and during that time, T.J. turned 45.

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Amy wasn’t about to let his big day go unnoticed and lavished him with praise and a big birthday treat, which is revealed in the video below. 

WATCH: Amy Robach’s birthday surprise for T.J. Holmes revealed months before relationship reveal

T.J. and Amy started as co-hosts and friends but their relationship appears to have blossomed into something much more. 

They bonded over marathon running and have since become a couple, with T.J.’s marriage to Marilee Feibig, and Amy’s to Andrew Shue, seemingly having run their courses. 

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T.J. clearly has strong feelings for Amy and he didn’t hold back when he was asked about her in an interview with the New York Post weeks before their affair was exposed.

Amy and T.J. are now in reportedly in a relationship 

When quizzed by the publication about how he feels about his role on the ABC show, he admitted: “I am a really, really lucky dude… I am now in my absolute dream job… And I get to sit next to my best friend doing it.”

His comments came ahead of him running the New York marathon with Amy and he added: “I never ever ever could have imagined things working out the way they have.”

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The interview was from October, and at the time, he was unaware he would be taken off the air weeks later and put on hiatus after their romance came to light. 

Amy has been married to husband Andrew Shue for 12 years 

T.J. was excited for where his career was taking him and said: “So what’s next in my career? I got a great thing going and I want to keep it going as long as I can.

“I get to show my personality and I still get to do news. I still get to go live. I still get to travel.”

However, he admitted he was unsure of what the future held for him as things rarely went exactly to plan – not that he thought it was a bad thing.

“I get the question, ‘Where do you see yourself in five years?'” he said. “And I have no idea because every plan I’ve had in my life … I did not end up there, but I ended up somewhere even better than I could have imagined.”

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