Gorilla Glue Woman Tessica Brown's Pregnant, First Child with Fiancé

Tessica Brown‘s got more great news on the heels of finding out the masses in her breasts were not cancerous … SHE’S PREGNANT!!!

Tessica’s manager, Gina Rodriguez, tells TMZ … Tessica and her fiancé, Dewitt Madison, are expecting their first child together. What’s more … they’re going to blend their family. She has 5 kids from a previous relationship and he has 4 kids. Yup … 10 kids together!!!

We’re told they’ve been together for a year now — and got engaged last June — but dated many years ago. Btw, he owns his own lawn care and floor cleaning business.

Tessica — better known to her legion of fans as the Gorilla Glue Woman — doesn’t know how far along she is … but has an appointment next week for an ultrasound. For now, the proof’s in the puddin’ … she’s got not one, not two, not three but FOUR positive pregnancy tests. And, yes, the nausea’s here … and it’s real.

And, for those who are wondering … yes, Tessica’s hoping the Gorilla Glue incident doesn’t affect the baby whatsoever. #CrossingFingers.

We’re told she had taken a pregnancy test right before her mommy makeover last month … and it was negative. As we reported … things went smooth after Bev Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng worked his magic … but she got some scary news after the same doc — working on a boob job — discovered lumps in her breasts.

Fortunately … the lumps were not cancerous. Onwards and upwards. Congrats!!!

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