Graham Norton underwent major operation instead of confessing he’d lied to his parents

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Graham Norton only recently confessed to his mother that he’d told a lie, which led to him having a major operation as a child. The 57-year-old didn’t want to go to school one day, so he pretended he had a stomach ache.

Calling his bluff, Graham’s mum said a trip to the doctor was in order, however the chat show host has now joked that he was “committed” to his lie.

Following a similar incident with his sister which ended in a “big row” over wasting the doctor’s time, the chat show host said he continued to pretend he was in pain when he was examined.

He even kept up the fib when the doctor said he would have to have his appendix removed.

Graham spoke about the incident, which happened when he was about seven-years-old, during a chat with fellow TV star Mel Giedroyc.

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He was asked about an “original sin,” on her new show Unforgivable.

Graham told the host and fellow guests: “When I was seven or eight, I didn’t want to go to school so I feigned illness and started going, ‘Ow, tummy ache’.

“So my mother said, ‘Fine, don’t go to school and we will go to the doctor’.

“The doctor’s examining me and I’m going, ‘Ow!’ I thought he was going to tell my mother there was nothing wrong with me and I was in such trouble,” he revealed.

“But he told me I had something called appendicitis and next week I’d be going to hospital to have my appendix out,” Graham continued.

“I then thought I was really f****d because either I have an operation I don’t need or I tell the doctor there’s nothing wrong with me and there will be two very angry adults.

“So I had the operation!”

Former Great British Bake Off star Mel could not believe what she was hearing.

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“Wow! You were prepared to have one of your internal organs removed.

“Just for the sake of that lie,” she remarked.

“You’ve got to commit I always feel,” Graham joked, before adding, “That’s a problem a lot of children make, they don’t commit to their lies.”

Also on the programme was Desiree Burch and Alex Brooker.

The former confessed to kissing her best friend’s boyfriend behind her back when she was at school, and Alex spoke about setting up a trap in his garden to catch a girl in his neighbourhood.

Inspired by the film Home Alone, he said that he and his brothers wanted to catch a burglar, so he drew a plan in crayon and dug a hole in his garden.

Luckily for the little girl, she never came close to falling in their hole, which had been dug with tiny spades from the sand pit.

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