Homes Under The Hammer: Martin Roberts recalls ‘frightening’ moment at Glastonbury 2019

Martin Roberts, who had been documenting his time at Glastonbury 2019 on his Instagram account, has attended the festival for a number of years.

But the Homes Under The Hammer presenter said it was a “little scary” during Kyle Minogue’s performance.

The Can’t Get You Out of My Head singer took to the Pyramid Stage on Sunday to belt out her top hits.

However, Martin had trouble being able to see the Australian star as he said there was so many people that it was “frightening”.

There was so many people it was a little bit scary

Martin Roberts

Speaking exclusively to, Martin spilled: “I go to Glastonbury with my family and the Pyramid Stage is a bit too busy really.”

“Kylie Minogue is amazing but we couldn’t get in,” he said. “There was so many people it was a little bit scary, the children were a bit frightened.”

Martin continued: “It was so so busy, it was really a little bit frightening actually because there were so many people.”

Despite not being able to enjoy Kylie, Martin revealed he had a great time visiting the smaller stages.

“I don’t go to Glasto for the big headline acts, although I love The Proclaimers and Sheryl Crow, she was superb, on the big stage,” he said.

“I tend to go to the little stages, the ones you don’t see on tele.”

He continued: “The ones you haven’t even heard of, and you see someone and you think that was really great.”

Martin shared many videos of his time at the festival to his Instagram account, where he revealed he bumped into actor Jeff Goldblum.

The BBC star told his 10,800 followers he had surprisingly seen the Hollywood icon in the craft field area of the site.

Martin said: “So a bit of incredible celebrity gossip… I’m here at Glastonbury, I’m in the craft field area and I’m making a silver bangle thing, it’s what you do on the Wednesdays and Thursdays.

“And who should walk in but Hollywood legend Jeff Goldblum! I’m there making a silver bangle and Jeff Goldblum walks in.”

The BBC favourite then announced that the Jurassic Park actor seemed to recognise him.

He continued: “He sees me and he says, no this is true, ‘Aren’t you that guy? From that TV show?’”

While shaking his head in apparent disbelief, Martin added: “So there you go, who’d have thought?”

Meanwhile, Martin will be featuring on a completely different show soon, where he reunites with his former co-star, Lucy Alexander.

The two Homes Under The Hammer presenters will be appearing on Kirstie Allsop’s new programme Kirstie’s Celebrity Craft Masters, where they will go head-to-head.

Kirstie’s Celebrity Craft Masters airs on Channel 4 today at 5pm.

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