‘I knew she hated it’ Jason Manford admits he tested boundaries in marriage with wife

Jason Manford recalls daughter's comment about the cleaner

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Jason Manford, 40, has recalled the time he tested the boundaries in his marriage with Lucy Dyke, when he grew sideburns for his role in the theatre production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The comedian admits he knew his spouse would not appreciate the eccentric hairstyle, and was aware it would “annoy” her,  but was willing to take the risk regardless.

Speaking on his decision to test his wife’s patience, Jason shared: “When I was Caractacus Potts in Chitty [Chitty Bang Bang] I grew big sideburns and I got them right down to here, right down to below the lip sort of thing and my wife hated them, like genuinely hated them.

“I guess a lot of fellas do this, once you are married and they can’t leave you for trivial reasons, like having mutton chops. 

“You can do what you like, but if you have dated someone once and they have got mutton chops, you don’t have to have a second date, but once you have got kids, that’s a really trivial reason to go through the process of divorce.

 “So I think we as men do things that sort of annoy our wives, but it’s sort of like us testing the boundaries.

“I knew she hated it, but I still grew them and I was in that show for 18 months,” he added, while speaking on the Manatomy podcast with Danny Wallace and Phil Hilton.

Back in 2016, Jason performed in the UK touring production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

He starred alongside Martin Kemp as the Childcatcher and Amy Griffiths (Everyman, Stephen Ward) as Truly Scrumptious. 

The story follows the loveable, but wacky, inventor, Potts who, together with his two children and the gorgeous Truly Scrumptious, tries to outwit the bombastic Baron Bomburst, who has decreed that all children be banished from his kingdom.

Jason garnered rave reviews for his performance and the following year, tied the knot with long-term girlfriend Lucy Dyke.

The comedian has six children across two marriages, although he is keen to keep their identities out of the spotlight.

He has four children with his first wife Catherine, who he split with in 2013. They share twin girls, a daughter, and a son.

The comedian also shares his youngest son and daughter with Lucy.

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However, Jason keeps his personal life private and does not share pictures of his kids or their names.

While talking to the Mirror back in 2017, Jason spoke out on “feeling guilty” about having a blended family.

He said: “When you are divorced and have a new family and children with two mums, you feel like, should I be on Jeremy Kyle?

“But when I talk about it at gigs, I realise it’s slowly becoming the norm, and people can get so hung up on feeling guilty about what has happened.

“I’ve just got to do what’s best for the children and not punish myself. I’m doing a good job, and that’s all I can do.

“We all get along and it is good material. My family are half of my act. People like to hear about them.

“They come to hear that they are not a terrible parent, that it’s normal to lose it in front of a packed shopping centre.”

Jason also revealed he is part of a large family himself, and is one of five children.

While talking to The Sun he said: “I’m one of five, my mum’s one of 11, so it’s always been a normal thing in my world.”

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