J.K. Rowling pushes back against Putin's 'cancel culture' comment

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Author J.K. Rowling is hitting back at Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent comment.

On Friday, Putin dragged the “Harry Potter” creator into his rant against Western efforts to “cancel’’ Russian culture.

Rowling, 56, caught wind of the remark and took to Twitter stating, “Critiques of Western cancel culture are possibly not best made by those currently slaughtering civilians for the crime of resistance, or who jail and poison their critics.”

She added the hashtag #IStandWithUkraine. She also shared an article about jailed Putin critic and one of Putin’s political enemies, Alexei Navalny.

Putin earlier compared recent Western criticism of Russia with efforts to “cancel” Rowling over her views on transgender issues. Rowling has been criticized after saying she supported transgender rights but did not believe in “erasing” the concept of biological sex.

“The notorious cancel culture has become a cancellation of culture. Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, Rachmaninov are excluded from concert posters, and Russian writers and their books are also banned,’’ Putin said during a video conference with cultural figures.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Putin said Rowling “didn’t satisfy the demands of gender rights” and was canceled.

Author J.K. Rowling is hitting back at Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent comment.

He then added: “They are now trying to cancel our country. I’m talking about the progressive discrimination of everything to do with Russia.” Putin also likened it to Nazi Germany burning books in the ’30s, THR reported.

In a follow-up tweet, Rowling reminded her social media followers of the work her children’s charity, Lumos, has been doing in Ukraine.

On Friday, Vladimir Putin mentioned the "Harry Potter" creator J.K. Rowling during a video conference while speaking about "cancel culture."

“Children trapped in orphanages and other institutions are exceptionally vulnerable right now. Thank you so, so much to everyone who has already donated to Lumos’s Ukraine appeal,” she shared. 

“A reminder: I will personally match all donations to our emergency appeal, up to £1million ($1.3 million). If you’re able to, you can donate here. Again, thank you so very much to all who’ve already donated,” Rowling added.

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