Nicki Minaj Appears to Take a Jab at Cardi Bs Plastic Surgeries in New Song We Go Up

Fans are convinced that the ‘Anaconda’ femcee’s lyrics slamming an unnamed person over physical appearance are aimed at her nemesis, who has undergone multiple cosmetic procedures.

AceShowbizNicki Minaj may be reigniting her feud with Cardi B. The Trinidadian-born rapper is alleged to be throwing shade at her nemesis through her newly-released song “We Go Up” featuring Fivio Foreign.

In the promotional single, the Harajuku Barbie disses an unnamed person over their physical appearance. “Let’s see/ After all of that surgery, you are still ugly/ And that is what gets me,” read the part in question.

Upon hearing the song, fans are convinced that the lyrics are aimed at Cardi, who has had multiple plastic surgeries. The Bronx femcee has previously come clean about undergoing liposuction and breast augmentation and having veneers applied to her teeth.

People soon took to social media to raise the speculation. “Nicki really just told Cardi B she was ugly & wanted to be like her,” posted one user. Another tagged Cardi as writing, “You are getting screwed by nicki Minaj shots fired by your enemy the queen of rap like you shouldn’t gotten all that surgery and you wouldn’t be so ugly like everyone says especially nicki Minaj.”

A third reacted to the speculation, “Cardi b fans yall fanny sometimes so you guyz thought nick minaj shade cardi that means you guyz have admitted cardi b is ugly… there are so may female artist who have done surgery but you choose cardi.”

Nicki has not clarified whom her lyrics are directed at, while Cardi has not responded to the speculation. Their feud dated back to 2017, when Cardi broke out on the rap scene and was instantly compared to Nicki.

Shortly after, Nicki dissed Cardi’s then-boyfriend Offset in a song with Katy Perry called “Swish Swish”. The “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker then appeared to respond in a cryptic Instagram post about “idols who become rivals.”

The tension culminated in an altercation at New York Fashion Week in 2018, during which Cardi reportedly approached Nicki about “spreading lies” and Cardi threw her shoe at Nicki. Since then, the two and their fans often traded jabs on social media, though it had died down lately before people raised the speculation over Nicki’s “We Go Up” lyrics.

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