Jobson: Prince William can be a bit of a shouter, Kate gives as good as she gets

Robert Jobson is King Charles’s most recent biographer of record, and much of what Jobson puts out there is coming from Charles and Camilla’s camp. So it’s always fascinating to hear Jobson’s comments on Prince William and Kate – it’s like viewing the lazy duo through Charles and Camilla’s eyes. Apparently, Jobson got the directive that it’s A-OK to talk about how William and Kate shout at each other and throw cushions at each other and how William has a “notably short fuse” and he “screams at staff.” Well, someone thought it would be a good idea to highlight Jobson’s admission that William and Kate have huge screaming matches.

When it comes to relationships, no couple is ever completely perfect and there likely isn’t any pair out there who can say they’ve never had any kind of argument or disagreement – and that appears to include members of the Royal Family, like the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Robert Jobson claimed that the pair have a very strong partnership and are clearly very in love, but have different approaches when it comes to disagreements.

Jobson wrote that William “is a bit of a shouter” during rows, while Kate is more of a calming presence. A royal aide reportedly told the author: “He [William] can be a bit of a shouter when he loses it. It’s fair to say the Duke and Duchess give as good as they get if their disagreement results in raised voices. But they know each other so well, it usually blows over quickly – and she is, on the whole, a major calming influence on him.”

The book also details the positive influence Kate has had on William, largely down to her middle-class upbringing, which Jobson claims has helped to keep William grounded. He continued to say: “They’ve got a solid relationship and she gives him confidence. There is no jealousy, no friction – they are happy for each other’s successes.”

[From The Daily Mirror]

The trail of breadcrumbs is turning into a path littered with loaves of bread. We get it – William and Kate fight all the time, they scream at each other, they throw things at each other, and Kate consistently has bandages on her hands. Like, none of this is healthy and all of these royal reporters coming out and saying “sure, they scream at each other constantly, but it’s fine, we swear!” Also: “she is, on the whole, a major calming influence on him” – “on the whole” is doing so much work there. I realized that during the Sussex saga too, that “Kate the calming influence” is as much of a lie as Kate’s hair. I actually think she eggs him on and riles him up. This marriage is so dysfunctional.

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