Joe Alwyn Says “It’s Flattering” When Taylor Swift Writes Songs About Him

I honestly never thought this day would actually come, but Joe Alwyn has finally made some comments about his super-secretive relationship with his pop-star girlfriend, Taylor freakin’ Swift. I cannot even properly express to you how excited I am that this even happened, because I kinda just thought we’d only ever be “treated” to intel on why they choose to never talk about their relationship. I’m convinced—it’s a Christmas miracle!

During an interview with the Sunday Times, Joe sweetly revealed that he doesn’t mind being a source of musical inspiration for his ~boo thang~. “No, not at all. No. It’s flattering,” he told the outlet. And when it comes to Taylor’s songs about him (ahem, “London Boy” and “Gorgeous”), Joe added that he always prefers Taylor’s version of events because “99.9 percent of what the press write about them is false.” This leads me to believe I don’t know sh*t about this couple at all, but…okay!

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