Joe Biden’s final campaign ads are so upbeat, lovely & patriotic

We’ve hopefully reached the end of the road. More than 90 million Americans have voted early, either by absentee ballot or at an early voting polling station. God knows how many millions will vote today. For the last month, as Joe Biden solidified his lead in the polls, he’s been going almost entirely positive with his media and advertising. Sure, he’s got Barack Obama out there doing the damn MOST to criticize Donald Trump. But I like that Biden’s ads have been mostly about the need for our country to find our soul again, to celebrate our diversity and to celebrate human kindness. What I guess I wasn’t expecting was a late entry from Eminem, a long-time Democratic Party supporter who absolutely LOATHES Donald Trump. Em – Marshall – rarely licenses his music for any kind of advertising, but he decided to license his Oscar-winning song “Lose Yourself” to the Biden-Harris campaign for one of their final ads. It’s a great one!

Did… did Marshall just help Joe and Kamala win Michigan? Fingers crossed! Marshall still lives in Michigan (Detroit) and he’s a big deal there. Considering how sparingly he uses his voice in the political arena, this means something, and it will mean something in Detroit and in Michigan entirely. Em also tweeted out the ad, and I looked at maybe ten comments from butthurt MAGA snowflakes, lamenting the fact that a dude like Marshall Mathers is anti-Trump and pro-Biden.

— Marshall Mathers (@Eminem) November 2, 2020

Nikki Giovanni also endorsed Joe Biden and did an ad. This is amazing too! God, Biden’s ad people are great.

But one of my favorite last-minute ads from the Biden-Harris campaign is this one, narrated by Brayden Harrington, the 13-year-old boy who stutters. Brayden met Biden at an event, and Biden spent time with him, talking about his own stutter. Brayden got to make a speech at the DNC too, and this ad is wonderful.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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