JoJo Siwa Has Perfect Clapback to Comment Saying She Still Acts 5 Years Old

JoJo Siwa is hitting back at haters once again!

The 17-year-old entertainer shared a new TikTok video in response to someone’s comment.

“Imagine being 17 and still act 5,” the comment reads.

JoJo replied with a series of video clips showing off some of her accomplishments, which include being the youngest act to headline the O2 Arena and selling it out, collaborating with major celebrities, co-hosting award shows, and her nice new house.

“It’s pretty cool, you should try it out sometime.✌🏼” she captioned the video on TikTok.

She also shared it on her Instagram, writing, “Imagine that!🤘🏼🤪,” to which her mom commented, “Just imagine 🌈”

In case you missed the big news, it was announced over the summer that JoJo has been cast as a lead in a new movie being produced by Will Smith!

It’s pretty cool, you should try it out sometime.✌🏼

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