JoJo Siwa Nearly Wiped Out By Suns Player While Sitting Courtside At Lakers Game

A Phoenix Suns player almost wiped out JoJo Siwa while she was sitting courtside at the Lakers game Tuesday … but somehow, the influencer avoided catastrophe.

The near-collision all went down early in L.A.’s contest with Phoenix at Staples Center Arena … when Jae Crowder went flying into the stands to try to save a loose ball.

You can see in the footage of the play, as Jae dove head-first to nab the basketball — his 6-foot-6, 235-pound body nearly went crashing into Siwa!!!

Fortunately, JoJo was able to duck out of the way — and Crowder rolled over her seat without causing any injuries.

Siwa clearly loved the experience … she was all smiles as Crowder picked himself up off the floor — and she even tweeted her experience went “quite well!”

The night ended up being an overall bummer for Siwa, though — ’cause her Lakers ended up losing badly to the Suns.

But, hey, sure beats going home with bruises or broken bones … right?!

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