Kate Middleton Wore £94,000 Worth of New Clothing in 2020, Casual

Kate Middleton may not have had many public appearances in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic keeping everyone at home, but she still wore thousands of dollars (er, pounds) worth of new clothes.

The Daily Mail reports that Kate was seen in £94,000 worth of new clothing this year (which is less than her 2019 total of £103,075) and that her most expensive look was in March—when she arrived at Dublin International Airport in a pair of £17,300 Asprey Daisy Heritage earrings.

So, who pays for the Duchess’ outfits? First of all, she doesn’t get them for free. Katherine Hooker, whose clothes Kate has worn, told Huffington Post in 2013 ,”[Kate] doesn’t take free clothes, and I’ve heard that from other people who sent her things.” And before you spiral, the British taxpayer isn’t footing the bill either! Turns out Kate and William pay for Kate’s wardrobe out of their household budget, which is reportedly funded by Prince Charles’ Duchy of Cornwall.

Cool, cool, cool, this is also how my household budget works.

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