Kevin Spacey grabbed alleged victim ‘so hard I almost came off road’ court hears

Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey, who is charged with sex offences against four men, “grabbed” one alleged victim “so hard”, the car they were in “almost came off the road”.

The House of Cards star denies all 12 charges, including sexual assault and indecent assault, alleged to have been committed between 2001 and 2013.

During the trial held at Southwark Crown Court on Monday, the court heard a police interview with one of Spacey’s alleged victims.

In the interview, the alleged victim claimed he tried to “blank out” what had happened to him.

Describing one incident that he claimed happened to him, the man said: “He grabbed me so hard I almost came off the road.

“He grabbed me really hard and it really hurt.

“I pushed him against the door and said ‘don’t do that again or I will knock you out’.”

The man then told the officer that Spacey had replied: “That’s such a turn on to me, you’re such a man.”

Discussing the incident further, one of Spacey’s alleged victims told the police officer: “I was disgusted that he had done that.”

The court heard the alleged victim describe the Hollywood actor as “very touchy feely”.

He alleged to the police officer: “Obviously being a man’s man and a professional I found it quite eerie and just awkward.

“He made me feel so awkward and uneasy.”

Spacey also told the man he would introduce him to A-list celebrities, jurors heard.

He said the American actor would also grab his bottom on occasions.

Indicating his allegations against Spacey, the man said: “He grabbed me in private areas and then tried to get my hands on him.”

Spacey is best known for starring in hit TV drama House Of Cards and movie The Usual Suspects.

He was also the artistic director at The Old Vic theatre in London between 2004 and 2015.

The actor has an address in Waterloo, south London, but also lives in the US, where he has family and a dog.

The trial continues.

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