Roman Kemp in awkward question to famous dad Ross Kemp about growing older

Roman Kemp stars in O2 data roaming commercial

Roman Kemp, 30, questioned his dad Martin Kemp on if his pubic hair will become grey as he goes into his third decade of life.

The Capital Radio host admitted he often struggles to not ask “ridiculous questions” as the Gogglebox cameras roll with his father and mum Shirlie Kemp.

He exclusively told “It’s not like we say, ‘Let’s talk about this’.

“My attention is really poor and it means that my brain wants to ask lots of different questions and sometimes those ones lead to very ridiculous and quite gross answers.

“The other week I asked my dad, ‘At what point do your pubes go grey?’

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“And he always says, ‘Why are you asking me that?’ And I say, ‘Because I want to know. I am you!’

“My body is going to do the same as your body so help me out.

“So that’s a real conversation we will have and if it makes people laugh that’s fine.”

Roman, who won the TRIC Award for Radio Personality last week, joined the cast of Celebrity Gogglebox in 2019. 

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He spoke at length about being one of the longest-serving cast members.

Roman told OK! magazine: “I think us and [Nick Grimshaw], we’re the longest now. People love my dad talking about having sex with my mum to me.

“So I don’t know. We’re always on it and you know what, that crew and everyone there has been a part of our lives for the past five years. Every summer that’s what we do.”

He added: “I love it. It’s the best. And what you see genuinely, that is our relationship. So that’s the nicest thing.”

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As for whether there’s anything he can’t stand to watch with his dad, Roman said that nothing is off the table.

He was speaking as part of a new campaign by Virgin Media O2 in which he appears in a tongue-in-cheek airplane safety-style video playing the part of a pilot, a boisterous cabin steward, an air traffic controller, and a disgruntled passenger.

In the video, he cheekily warns holidaymakers about the costs they could face this summer if they don’t have free roaming as part of their mobile plan.

It comes as over half of Brits (53 per cent) said they don’t know if their mobile provider will charge roaming fees this summer, with six in 10 disappointed to see the return of roaming charges in European countries last year.

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