Kim Kardashian: I feel, like honestly, my last marriage was my first real one

I don’t know why so many podcasts decided that Kim Kardashian should be their final year-end interview subject, but here we are. This week has been wall-to-wall headlines from Kim’s multiple podcast interviews. Kim also sat down with Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop podcast, which came out this week. Paltrow asked Kim about marriage, divorce, kids and a lot more. This doesn’t feel shady, btw – Gwyneth is a snob, but she accepts the Kardashian-Jenners, as do most rich people. I think Gwyneth even likes some of the K-Js. Some highlights:

Kim on whether she will ever remarry: “I don’t know,” Kardashian said at first, agreeing with Paltrow that she’s “such a romantic.” She went on to admit, “I am. I am. I have this fantasy in my head, like fourth’s time’s a charm, it’s gonna — it’s gonna work out.”

Her third marriage: “I feel, like honestly, my last marriage was my first real [one] — the first one, I just don’t know what was happening. The second one, I felt like I wanted to be married so badly because all my friends were at that place and that’s where I should have been, and I didn’t accept that that just wasn’t where I was and realized that that was okay. And now, I feel like I would definitely take my time — and I would be okay for a forever partnership as well. I would want a marriage, but I’m so happy to take my time.”

Whether she wants any more kids: As far as wanting more kids, Kardashian is of the “never say never” mindset. “I’m obviously right at the end of that conversation … and would have to have someone in my life for a while to make that decision. Whatever is meant to be will be. I’m taking my time. I really do want to be single for a few years.”

She wants to chill out with her kids now: For now, the mogul says that amid just trying to “focus and chill and go on ski trips” with her kids, she feels that she is having to deal, instead, with the “narratives” created around her. “I don’t know how to get myself out of the narrative — and just keep my head down and stay focused,” she said as Paltrow commended her non-reactive personality and the fact that she’s a “free thinker.”

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I think it’s a little bit funny that Kim feels like her third marriage was her first real marriage. On one side, that’s completely understandable – her first marriage was an elopement when she was 19 years old, back when she was a completely different person. Her second marriage lasted 72 days and she literally just married the first guy who asked her because she was turning 30 and she thought her life was over. Comparatively speaking, the marriage to Kanye was the first “real” marriage as in “she went through some real sh-t in that marriage.” Anyway, I kind of hope she doesn’t get remarried or have any more kids. It feels like she needs a breather and she also needs to rebrand a little bit – I’d love to see a 40-something Kim get serious and mature and actually date someone with a real job, someone who could ground her and help her. I’ve been wanting Kim to date a lawyer for a while.

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