I had a hysterectomy at 28 because I know I never want children

I had to fight doctors to give me a hysterectomy at 28 for chronic pain – I know I never want children and it’s the best thing I ever did

  • Brynne Zuri Hunt, from Portland, Oregon, 28, suffered with pain for years
  • Periods would go on for more than two weeks and she asked for hysterectomy
  • Doctors dismissed her, even though she’s decided to never have children
  • Had the surgery after finding a new female OBGYN in January 2022
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A woman with no desire to have children has revealed how she took the leap to have a hysterectomy at 28.

Actor, Brynne Zuri Hunt, from Portland, Oregon, has spent the past ten years struggling with an undiagnosed chronic condition which led to heavy and prolonged periods, and severe cramp.

Brynne attended several appointments with various medical professionals, all of whom refused to put her forward for a hysterectomy, despite her pain and decision to never have kids.

However, after coming across a female OBGYN in January 2022, it took Brynne just two appointments to encourage her doctor to let her have the procedure.

Actor Brynne Zuri Hunt, from Portland, Oregon, pictured with her partner Mac, got a hysterectomy at 28 

She finally had a full hysterectomy on August 2, 2022, with her whole reproductive system removed except for her ovaries for hormonal purposes and is now looking forward to a life without children, and undiagnosed pain.

Brynne said: ‘I’ve never had the maternal instincts that other women in my family have.

‘I make a great auntie, and love my nieces and nephews, and shower any adoration I have on my friends’ kids as well, but motherhood has just never been for me.

Brynne in hospital recovering after surgery to remove her whole reproductive system except for her ovaries for hormonal purposes

Mac, Brynne and their dogs. She said that her pets are like children to her and take up a lot of her time already 

Brynne showing hysterectomy scars after surgery. She’s now looking forward to a life free of pain after years of heavy and prolonged periods 

‘I was bought up in a very religious Mormon environment, where the stereotypical woman is there to have children and be a housewife.

‘A lot of the women in my family, including my mother, had really terrible pregnancies, and I guess that was somewhat of a catalyst for me never wanting to have children.

‘I have two dogs, two cats and a leopard gecko who are basically my children in animal form, they take up enough of my time and money and are extremely spoiled!

Mac with Brynne after surgery. She said that people often question her over what her partner wants, or suggest she’s ‘not met the right man’ 

‘Alongside that, I’ve had this undiagnosed chronic pain issue since I turned 16, and to not have to deal with that ever again is what I’m looking forward to the most after my four-week recovery period.’

After advocating for years for a hysterectomy, Brynne often received a lot of back-lash from medical professionals.

She said: ‘It took me so long to get to this point, and I had so many medical professionals telling me that I wouldn’t know if I was ever going to want to have children.

Brynne talking about her story in a video clip. She said her loved ones have been very supportive through the recovery process

Brynne has spent the past ten years struggling with an undiagnosed chronic condition which led to heavy periods that could go on for longer than a fortnight and severe cramps

Pictured: A preiod tracker app that shows how long Brynne’s periods were lasting

‘I got all the usual comments like, “What if your partner wants children?” and “You haven’t met the right man yet”.

‘It was incredibly infuriating and upsetting especially when there was no one to adequately diagnose what caused my extreme periods and cramping.

‘Male health professionals were always extremely dismissive, especially because I had menstrual cycle issues.

‘They put me on every different type of contraceptive from a range of pills, three different IUDS and the implant.

‘It got to a point where I just stopped going to the doctors anymore, and kind of gave up on even asking for a hysterectomy.

Brynne recovering in hospital after surgery. She wad initially dismissed by doctors but when she found a female OBGYN, her concerns were finally listened to 

After finding a new female OBGYN in January 2022, it took Brynne just two appointments for her doctor to agree to let her have the procedure

Brynne’s stomach with hysterectomy scars. she insists that having the procedure is the best decision she’s ever made 

In hospital preparing for surgery. Brynne thought she’s never manage to have the procedure and had ‘given up’ asking 

‘This past January, I got health insurance and went on a visit to my current OBGYN who is just wonderful.


A procedure to remove the uterus is called a hysterectomy

Removing the fallopian tube without removing the ovary is called a salpingectomy

Both trigger menopause and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, but are increasingly common among young women to lower their risk of ovarian cancer. 

In rare instances, it’s still possible to become pregnant without fallopian tubes, but a woman cannot carry a baby without a uterus. 

After the operation, patients stay in the hospital for two nights, and it takes about six weeks to fully recover. 

‘She listened to my concerns and allowed me to explain that it has never been my wish to have children.

‘By the second appointment, she booked me in for the surgery.

‘It felt like this huge weight was taken off my shoulders.

‘Especially after the overturning of Roe V. Wade, having a hysterectomy has allowed me to decide and choose what to do with my body, rather than the old white men in power.’

Despite their shock at Brynne having the procedure, her family and friends have been very supportive and are eager to help her through the recovery process.

Brynne adds: ‘When I told my family I was going ahead with a hysterectomy, they were all pretty shocked.

‘But since I explained my intentions, and reasons why, they’ve all been so supportive.

‘My friends have also been there for me from the start, which is amazing, I’ve got friends who are pregnant going through their personal journeys and here I am going through mine of never having children.

‘My parents had four children, and my sister already has two kids, so I feel like I’ll never have that pressure to provide more grandkids.

‘Having a hysterectomy is the best decision I have ever made, and I’m looking forward to a child-free life.’


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