‘LHH’ Star Akbar V Wants to Have Sex With Young M.A for Experiment

As the ‘Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta’ star tries to hit on the openly lesbian rapper with her flirty post, some people call her out for being disrespectful and ‘desperate’ for attention.

AceShowbizAkbar V is open to experimenting in bed. The reality TV star has made public her desire to hook up with another woman, Young M.A in particular, apparently in a bid to find out how the strap-on from the rapper’s sex toy line works.

The “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star sent her invite to the openly lesbian rapper via Instagram Stories on Thursday, August 27. “I want to have sex with @youngma just one time,” she wrote on the post, adding, “to see how it hits.”

Akbar’s eyebrow-raising post has garnered mixed responses from fellow Instagram users. While some understood her curiosity, others were not as kind and accused her of disrespecting Young M.A. “Ummm the disrespect we already see your tape sis,” one of them commented.

Another called her out, “She’s Really Disturbing.” A third person advised the VH1 reality TV star, “She needs to just… stop she embarrassing herself.” Some others think she’s her desperate for attention, with one writing, “She doing any & everything to stay relevant.” Another added, “She so desperate.”

Akbar has previously had her sexual activity exposed without her consent when her on-again-off-again former lover Terry illegally shared sexually explicit videos featuring her on social media. Seeking justice for the the wrongful distribution of her most intimate moments, she filed a police report against her ex-boyfriend in April.

At the time, Akbar claimed that her ex and a woman she’s had sex with had countlessly threatened to leak her NSFW images on the internet since she landed her breakout role on the VH1 series.

As for Young M.A, she announced her venture into adult toy business back in February. She teamed up with pleasure product company Doc Johnson for a strap-on starter kit, which was released in time for Valentine’s Day.

“I’m aware I have a heavy influence on women and spark their curiosity around sexuality,” the 28-year-old star said in a statement about the partnership. “I never hide the fact that I keep one in the closet; so I decided to share some of my experience.”

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