Loose Women star Denise Welch in tears as she quits social media amid row with Piers Morgan over coronavirus

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Denise Welch fought back tears to explain that it was with a heavy heart that she had made the decision to take a break from social media.

The Loose Women star has been campaigning to give a balanced view on the coronavirus pandemic but she's come up against backlash and even come to blows with Piers Morgan.

The Good Morning Britain presenter branded Denise "dumb, deluded and a dangerous Covid-denier" and it all became too much.

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The 62-year-old shared a video talking her 159,000 followers through her decision.

In a fall out on Twitter, Piers pleaded with ITV to stop giving Denise airtime for her "idiotic, ill-informed ramblings".

Signposting her followers from Twitter, Denise wrote: "For those who don’t follow me on Instagram I’ve left a message on there.

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"I’m going to be stepping back from here as it’s taking its toll. I will try and do my bit to balance the terror campaign and thank you for all your support."

In the video, Denise was seen tearfully telling her side of the story, as she said: "I seem to spend most of my days at the moment being quite emotional.

"I've been accused of not caring and being a Covid-denier when in fact I care so much about the devastation that Covid is causing, to the people who have lost their lives directly to Covid and those who are losing their lives because of Covid.

"All I have tried to do is find a balance between the five months of scaremongering, fear inducing, morning wakening anxiety that is causing illness mental and physical.

"And I have just tried to balance we all going to die, with we are not all going to die…"

Denise went on: "Five months of turning on the TV and looking at the newspaper headlines and hearing them has been so destructive to people's health and mental health turns into physical health troubles…

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"I can't keep on doing it because it's going to have an adverse effect on my and my family.

"To those people to say things like Covid-denier – that is the worst thing you can say to someone who has done nothing but try to alleviate the fear."

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