Lori Loughlin & Mossimo ‘believe they’ll be exonerated’: are they wrong?

We haven’t talked about Lori Loughlin in a while, so I’m glad that Us Weekly is providing us with a little reminder that she’s still around and still a delusional piece of trash ensconced in white privilege. For months, we’ve heard Lori and her team testing out various legal/PR strategies for how Lori and Mossimo Giannulli are going to beat the federal charges of money laundering and conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, all to get their dumb daughters into college. The general vibe on Lori’s defense is that she’s very “faith-based” and she just loves her daughters so much and she would do anything for them and she didn’t even know what she was doing was illegal, okay? Which might work in California courtroom, but this is a federal case and the trial will be in Boston. I just feel like Lori isn’t really getting the best legal counsel. Anyway, here’s the reminder:

The nationwide college admissions scandal may have simmered down in the news, but Lori Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, are still working hard behind the scenes to clear their names.

“They believe they’ll be exonerated,” a source says exclusively in the new issue of Us Weekly, adding that the couple are “actively engaged in their defense.”

The Full House alum, 54, and the fashion designer, 56, were among the 51 people who were indicted in March for their alleged involvement in the bribery scam. The parents of Bella, 20, and Olivia Jade, 19, were accused of paying $500,000 to have their daughters designated as University of Southern California crew team recruits — despite their inexperience in the sport — so they would be accepted into the school.

The source tells Us that the actress and the Mossimo founder “won’t even talk about taking any type of” plea bargain in the Operation Varsity Blues case, which will likely go to trial in early 2020.

[From Us Weekly]

So there you go. Even after months have passed and additional charges have been added and legal strategies have been aired in People Magazine, Lori Loughlin still believes her wealth and churchy persona have insulated her from any real consequences. What scares me still is that she may be right. By the time the trial goes down next year, I worry that most of the gossip outlets and news outlets will have already moved on completely to other stories. So Lori will get to prance into court holding a Bible and cry her tears and she will end up completely exonerated.

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