Man Crushed to Death As Tropical Storm Isaias Topples Trees in NY and NJ

Tropical Storm Isaias is leaving a deadly trail across the New York City area, knocking out power and uprooting dozens of trees … one of which crushed a man in his car.

That horrific incident went down Tuesday afternoon in Queens as the storm pounded the city. According to reports … the man was sitting in his car when an enormous tree violently crashed down on him.

The storm’s intense, high winds have taken out trees in neighboring New Jersey and Connecticut as well — destroying a lot of property. Plenty of videos popping up on social media show trees toppling over on tight city streets.

Let’s face it, when big trees go down in congested areas like NYC, there’s no margin for error — there’s gonna be damage.

So far, the Queens man is the only fatality in the NY area, but Isaias — which made landfall yesterday in the Carolinas as a category 1 hurricane — has killed 3 other people as it marched up the east coast.

The storm is also creating life-threatening flooding in many areas.

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