Mums shamed me for being pregnant at 42 but I showed them with school run look

A mum shamed for giving birth in her forties clapped back in the best way possible.

Lucy Baker welcomed her son Rocky at the age of 43. But when she was pregnant with him, many women made harsh comments about her.

Now in a bid to stop other mums being judges, the parent decided to take her son to school in the most glam outfits to prove she didn't care what haters think.

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She told Mirror: "When I was pregnant at 42, a school mum said to me 'Oh you're going to be 47 when the baby starts school' and I was only four or five months pregnant at that time, and that statement stuck in my head."

Lucy continued: "I thought 'Do you know what, when he starts school, I'm going to show that mum, and other people that making those comments is never a good thing'.

"So that was always a driving point towards him starting school, which happened in September."

The parent, who runs the blog Geriatric Mum, said she "brushed a lot of comments off" about her pregnancy, but highlighted that it's inappropriate for others to make assumptions about someone's journey.

She added: "I turned a lot of negativity into positivity because I started the blog and I've been on the radio and TV talking about being an older mum.

"When the mum made the comments I hadn't even had the baby yet, and when you're pregnant nothing is certain, so for someone to project that far ahead I thought A) you've said something that's a bit weird, and B) I'm just trying to get through the pregnancy, give me a break."

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Lucy said the comment had "always" been in her head, but at a panel event in summer last year, she asked a room full of women whether she should wear the dress she had on at the time on the day her son started school – a gold, sparkly number – and the response was a resounding "yes".

It was then that Lucy knew she couldn't back down from her "statement".

She continued: "It wasn't about me wearing the dress really – it was a message behind the dress that being judged at any stage of your life, especially as a woman, and especially in pregnancy and motherhood, is just not cool.

"The dress was also my celebration of being an older mum and I don't want people to be judged in the same way I was. If you can just hold back some of those comments, it's really helpful for other people."

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And when it came to the dress, she felt "nervous" but knew the message was bigger than just her wearing it.

Speaking about the stigma that she faced as a woman over 40 having a child, Lucy continued: "Society has this view that women should be free of any commitments in their 40s.

"Passing judgement without knowing anything about people is really quite damaging, and really hurtful, so the message is to think before you speak and don't comment on other people's pregnancies."

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