Maren Morris' Husband Ryan Hurd 'Wasn’t Expecting' Her To File For Divorce 'Out Of The Blue'!

Nobody saw Maren Morris‘ divorce coming — not even her husband Ryan Hurd!?

An insider revealed to Us Weekly on Thursday that the breakup caught the 36-year-old songwriter by surprise, noting the My Church singer’s decision to call it quits “seems to have come out of the blue,” stressing:

“Ryan wasn’t expecting it.”

Not at all?? Then what happened?! Must’ve been something sudden if he didn’t see the writing on the wall.

The only hint the source gave was to point out that the pair are “opposites,” something that could have made the relationship “difficult.” Huh. The musicians first started dating in 2015 before tying the knot in 2018, so surely they would’ve figured that out sooner, right?! Something tells us the reasoning is bigger than this!

As we covered, word of the divorce came last week when Us obtained a copy of Maren’s filing, which listed October 2nd as the date of separation. They share a 3-year-old son, Hayes, whom they’ll have to work out a custody arrangement for, but they also had a prenup in place, so, hopefully, things don’t get too messy!

Innerestingly, neither star has addressed the breakup buzz yet, but the 33-year-old did post a cryptic message to socials while posing without her ring, suggesting everything will “be fine” after doing “what’s necessary.” Hmm… Ominous!

Do U really think Ryan was blindsided by this?? And if so, what do you think led to the split? Send us your guesses (below)!

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