Katie Price proves her house is haunted and says she can talk with dead people

Katie Price believes she has "proven" there are spirits in her house after lighting a ghost hunter candle.

The mother-of-five took to Instagram to share a video of the candle and asking it to go “faster and higher if there are any spirits in the room with me”. The candle is then seen moving more rapidly and the flame rising higher. “How haunted is my house?” she asked in the caption.

“Going through all the spooky and supernatural things that happen in my house," she added. During the latest episode of The Katie Price Show, she said: In recent months, the 45-year-old has called in a team of expert ghost hunters to track the activity of the ghouls in her property and claims they believe it's the most active home they have been to.

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"Some people don't believe it and then they do with the candle. You know the candle, you communicate with ghosts using a candle flame. I've also put that clip up, you have to watch the clip." "When you watch this clip you see me doing it and the flame does exactly what I say. There's no wind or nothing in the room the flame bends when I tell it to and you can't do that with wind. So I can communicate."

She went on to detail the spooky activity she noticed in the house that prompted her to investigate further. "In this house, when I first moved in, it always used to happen about three in the morning outside my door, you would just hear walking and I used to think 'What the hell is that?' and every night at the same time." She also claimed her children Junior and Princess Andre were left terrified due to paranormal activities at her home, famously branded the Mucky Mansion.

“Junior and Princess were on the top floor, I remember hearing screaming and I'm like 'What is going on?', Junior was in Princess' room: 'There's someone out there, we can hear someone, we can hear footsteps', they were petrified. Katie went on to discuss an image she had previously shared of what appears to be a young boy standing on the top floor of her home, wearing a black jacket and white shirt.

"I started Googling, 'When are ghosts most active?' and it was between two and four in the morning, it started making sense. I started realising it wasn’t just me hearing stuff. I’m cutting a long story short, Junior and Princess would not stay upstairs. They kept saying they saw a boy and all sorts."

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