Mike The Situation Sorrentino Calls Cops on Brother Over Unannounced Visit

The ‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’ star calls police after his brother Maximo shows up to his New Jersey home with a ton of gift bags for Mike’s newborn son.

AceShowbiz -Mike Sorrentino a.k.a. The Situation doesn’t appreciate an unexpected visit, not even when the guest is his own sibling. The reality TV star called cops on his brother Maximo Sorrentino, when the latter showed up at his house without prior notice.

The family drama went down on Tuesday evening, September 21. Per TMZ ‘s report, Maximo showed up with a ton of gift bags he was apparently trying to drop off for Mike and his newborn son Romeo. Maximo allegedly excessively rang multiple doorbells and peered inside through the glass. He lingered a bit but after getting no response, he turned to leave and left all the presents hanging on the doorknob.

Mike was allegedly watching this from inside but didn’t open the door for his brother. The “Jersey Shore” alum, instead, called police, who showed up in less than a minute. The cops arrived just when Maximo was on his way out and told him he wasn’t allowed there unless Mike specifically invited him. Maximo was then let leave.

The brothers have had a history of rocky relationship. Back in July, Mike reportedly filed harassment claims against Maximo, alleging that his brother has been behaving erratically. His priority is reportedly protecting his wife and kid, and thus he wants a heads up before Maximo comes to his house. He said he only wanted Maximo to leave the property and didn’t want him to get arrested.

Maximo, meanwhile, claimed that he was just dropping off Puma BMW tracksuits for Mike and Romeo. He said he was saddened by Mike’s decision to call the cops on him. He also denied Mike’s claims that there are ongoing issues between them.

In a statement to the Daily News on Thursday, September 23, Mike said of his relationship with Maximo, “It’s unfortunate that he won’t stay committed to get the help that he needs, and until he does he isn’t welcome around my son, my wife or me.”

He went on explaining the Tuesday family drama, “I have taken the appropriate steps with local law enforcement. This is the second harassment call I have had to make in an effort to protect my family.”

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