Monty Don ‘disgusted and enraged’ as farmer tells of lamb’s graphic death

Monty Don reveals he’s taking a break from Gardeners’ World

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Gardeners’ World presenter Monty Don, 65, expressed his “disgust” after sheep farmer James Rebanks, 47, told how a crow “plucked” out the eye of his newborn lamb, leading to its death. Commenting on The Shepherd’s Life star’s Twitter post, the BBC gardening expert relayed his own harrowing incident similarly involving a crow and a lamb, before calling the latter “easy meat.”

Happens over and over and yet never fails to disgust and enrage

Monty Don

Taking to Twitter, the farmer graphically told his 145,000 followers about the shocking incident that occurred on his farm in the Lake District.

He wrote: “Carrion crow has just plucked the eye out of a newborn lamb.”

However, he revealed he managed to save the lamb and stop the crow from causing any more harm.

“And would have taken the other and the tongue if I hadn’t gotten there, trying to save lamb,” he said.

“Insert your own obscenities…” he added.

Two hours later the farmer returned to Twitter to update his followers on the situation.

“Lamb dead,” he simply wrote, which lead to gardener Monty commenting with his own experience.

“Happens over and over and yet never fails to disgust and enrage,” he penned.

The star went on to reveal he too had witnessed a similar shocking incident.

He added: “I have watched a crow perch on the head of the lamb taking its eyes whilst in the process of being born.

“But, literally, easy meat,” he ended his post.

Replying to the gardening expert, the farmer told of how he had “moved on” from the incident.

“Nature is a tough game and frankly I haven’t time to dwell on it,” he said, before revealing he had gone to help another lamb who was in the process of giving birth.

James added: “Another ewe lambing and needs help so we move on.”

After a fan asked the farmer for solutions to the problem, James replied that while he had none, the incident was a rare event.

“Nope – we’ve had one out of 300+ lambs so far.” he replied.

“Lamb wasn’t strong and mother was young – we try to lamb close to the farmhouse and fairly constant supervision.

“It happens,” he added.

Fans of the horticulturalist and farmer commented on the thread to weigh in with their own experiences.

One wrote: “How absolutely grotesque and horrible for the poor lamb! Never heard if this before (why would I) but horrified!”

Another added: “My dad had the same with foxes and outdoor pigs – foxes would kill entire litters while the sow was farrowing and unable to protect her young.

“Nature can be a right b*stard,” they added.

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