O.J. Simpson Questions Henry Ruggs Prison Sentence

Only a few hours after the former Raiders star got 3 to 10 years in prison, the NFL legend states that ‘the math does not add up’ through a video he uploaded via social media.

AceShowbizO.J. Simpson has questioned Henry Ruggs‘ prison sentence. Shortly after the former Raiders star was slapped with three to ten years in prison in a Las Vegas crash case, the NFL legend did not hold back to express his thoughts on the matter.

On Wednesday, August 9, the 76-year-old shared his response to 24-year-old Henry’s sentencing through a video he uploaded via Twitter, which has been rebranded to X. In the clip, he could be heard saying, “I know I went to college on a football scholarship, but somehow this math is not adding up to me.”

On the reason why, Simpson explained, “You’re driving a car at roughly 160 miles per hour on a public street and end up killing a girl and her dog and you get three to 10 years?” He went on to say, “You go to a hotel room where you are invited to retrieve your own personal stolen property, I know because it was ruled to be mine by the state of California, and you get nine to 33 years?” Simpson was making a reference to his own prison sentence back in 2008.

Simpson further pointed out, “Same courthouse, same city, same state. I don’t know.” He stressed, “Somehow it just does not add up to me. I’m just saying.”

The former athlete’s personal view on Ruggs’ prison sentence drew many online responses. In the replies section of the tweet, one Twitter user stated, “I’ll cut to the chase and get to the point. Different Era. Our justice system is pretty cutthroat to certain citizens, when it comes to sentencing. It’s really cut and dry if you think about it. [a smiling face emoji].”

Another joined in, “I appreciate how he has a passion for the court room – the man just wants to see justice be served.” Meanwhile, a third bluntly pointed out, “Well they did you a free pass on the 2 murders so I don’t think you should be complaining too much.” A fourth penned, “Juice made some real good points. The math aint mathing. Poor guy just wanted his property back.”

Earlier that day, Ruggs was slapped with a prison sentence between three to ten years. He was found guilty of driving 156 mph under the influence and crashing into a car in Las Vegas, causing the death of 23-year-old Tintor and her dog back in November 2021.

Simpson himself was sentenced to prison for 33 years with a chance of parole after 9 years in 2008 for being involved in an armed robbery in Las Vegas. He stayed behind bars for 9 years in Nevada until 2017.

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