I tried Walkers new Pizza Hut crisps – theyre tasty but theres a big problem

Being a lover of both crisps and pizza, you can imagine my delight when I was told that Walkers have teamed up to release new Pizza Hut on a new range of crisps.

They've brought out two new flavours – Pepperoni Feast and Texan BBQ Pizzas – in ridged crisp form as part of its Walkers MAX range.

And, being the food lover I am, I couldn't wait to try them. But would they live up to the anticipation?

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The new flavours, which hit shelves this week, have apparently been created to 'replicate a bite-sized Pizza Hut pizza'.

According to the press release, the Pepperoni Feast "packs the punch of each pizza slice into its bold ridges with flavours of sweet and smoky pepperoni".

Meanwhile, the Texan BBQ "offers the perfect mix of sweet BBQ chicken and smoky bacon".

Considering I love both pepperoni and BBQ pizza, I thought I was on to a winner to be honest.

I first decided to try out the pepperoni flavour, as I felt that would be the most 'pizza-like', and I was definitely right.

Although you know you're eating a crisp, you definitely get big pizza vibes with the pepperoni flavour coming through well.

I would have probably liked a bit more of the 'punch' which was promised, as I didn't feel like the flavour hit me as much as I wanted it to, but it was still enjoyable.

After chowing down on a handful of those, I next went onto the BBQ ones.

Seeing as BBQ sauce is my favourite condiment, these crisps certainly had a lot to live up to.

And I'm happy to say they satisfied all my wants and needs, with them having a tangy, yet sweet, delicious BBQ taste.

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I struggled to put them down, which isn't a good thing considering I'm supposed to be on a bit of a health kick right now.

The only gripe I have with them is that they don't really taste like pizza at all.

I feel like Walkers should just have them as a flavour on their own instead.

If I was to do another pizza flavour, maybe I would have chosen something something like margarita or Hawaiian instead, which I feel like is a bit more associated with pizza rather than BBQ.

The guys at Walkers and Pizza Hut can have that idea from me for free if they want.

The good thing about these crisps is that even if you're not a total fan, you get a buy-one-get-one-free deal with every pack on all delivery and collection orders at Pizza Hut, which means you can get an actual pizza for free.

And that's a tasty deal if I've ever heard one!

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