OMG! Chris Hemsworth Shares Scary Video Of A Snake Wrapping Itself Around His Neck!!

Chris Hemsworth may have finally met his match!

The 39-year-old actor took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a video of himself facing off with “the next @ufc lightweight champ.” Who is that? Oh, you know, just a snake! In the clip, the Marvel star could be seen letting the reptile wrap itself around his neck while he takes some deep breaths and even winces in pain at one point. OMG?! A woman off-camera then asks him:

“Are you all right?”

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And surprisingly enough, even as the snake is still coiled around his throat, manages to pull out a laugh as he says:

“It’s got me, it’s got me.”

So scary!!! You can ch-ch-check out the moment:

A post shared by Chris Hemsworth (@chrishemsworth)

His followers hopped into the comments section to react to the terrifying video. While some could not believe Chris let a snake just envelop his neck like that, many social media users pointed out that the snake was most likely just his Marvel Universe brother Loki in disguise. See the reactions (below):

“Classic Loki disguising himself as a snake”

“Loki, stop choking your brother”

“Oh man. What has Loki done now?!?”

“i mean… HOW a snake can be luckier than me? HOW?”

“Omg be careful”

“It’s just your bother Loki”

Sooo does anyone know how he got out from this sitatuon? Because we haven’t heard from Chris since… LOLz. Thor could handle this with no problem. Reactions to the wild video, Perezcious readers? We certainly would not be as brave as him and let a snake do that.

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