Phineas & Ferb Co-Creator Dan Povenmire Reveals First Reboot Song Is Written, Reveals Why They Can Write During Strike

Exciting news for Phineas & Ferb fans!!!

Writing on the upcoming two season reboot is underway and the very first song has been written, writer and co-creator Dan Povenmire revealed on TikTok.

“And away we go!” he captioned the video.

Find out more and check out the video inside…

In the video, Dan says, “So, we just wrote the first song of reboot of Phineas & Ferb, and what is it called?”

“The Song of the Summer” the fellow writers say in the background.

“And why is it the song of the summer?” Dan adds. “Because we’re saying it is,” they reply.

Many fans in the comments seemed to actually not even know that there was a reboot happening. If you also weren’t aware, it was announced back in January that Disney picked up two more seasons of the popular series, and even Jeff “Swampy” Marsh will be back as well!

Now, you may also be wondering, “There’s a writer’s strike going on, how are they able to be writing for a show?”

Well, Dan answered that in the comments, saying, “We are Animation Guild writers not WGA writers. We are not on strike.”

There is currently no release date scheduled for the animated series’ return.

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