Photo of Comedian Majah Hype’s Ex With Black Eye Surfaces Amid Domestic Abuse Allegation

Latisha Kirby claims in an Instagram video that the abuse happened to her for a long time, but the social media star has denied her claims and said that he was the actual victim.

AceShowbiz -A disturbing image of Majah Hype‘s former fiancee Latisha Kirby in the wake of his alleged domestic violence on her has surfaced online. The picture captured her with an injured eye after she’s reportedly beaten and abused by the popular social media star.

The Brooklyn beauty came up with the allegations against her ex during a #WomanWednesday chat with her fans last week. She said in an Instagram video posted on December 2,”I wanna apologize to my mother, my son, my sister, to my niece, to my friends. I detached myself from the people that loved me the most for a long time. I owe you guys the biggest apology.”

“What I’ve been going through, the average person doesn’t go through that in a whole lifetime. I’ve been keeping it a secret for a long time. Hiding abuse is a full-time job. You have to detach yourself from your loved ones, so they don’t know. I did that for a long time,” so she claimed.

She continued, “Imagine having to hide your bruises, and you’re being battered from your family, imagine after being abused and assaulted, you have to console the person that hurt you because now they’re distraught. They want to harm themselves. So now You don’t have the chance to heal, you don’t have the chance to be upset…imagine after going through all those things, you still have to have sex, you’re still expected to be delightful like there’s nothing wrong with you when your face is unrecognizable…”

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Latisha denied that she ever cheated on Majah during their relationship. “I’ve never, ever cheated in my relationship, not one time, not one time,” so she claimed. “When you get caught doing what you’re doing, your first defense is to turn it around on me.” Vowing to take back her “power” and to protect herself, she asked her followers to respect her “process and healing journey.”

Meanwhile, Majah has denied the abuse allegations in an emotional video. “I still have love for Kirby today,” he said in his own IG video. “I have no reason for that. I am not a woman beater and I never thought about being a woman beater,” the comedian tearfully said.

He went on claiming that he was the actual victim. “I warning every man out there, don’t allow women to hit you, don’t let women subject you to being abused,” he said.

Majah also denied leaking any sex tape. “I know Kirby has a son, no way in the world would I release any video of her in a compromising position, not only would it make her look bad, it makes me look bad,” he said.

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