Piers Morgan shares heartache over June Brown after Life Stories chat with feisty star

EastEnders star June Brown dies at the age of 95

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Notoriously opinionated Piers Morgan has today spoken with a decidedly softer tone than viewers might be accustomed to. He took to Twitter to address the tragic death of June Brown, who played EastEnders’ Dot Cotton.

“RIP June Brown, 95,” he wrote in view of his almost eight million followers.

The 57-year-old reminisced: “A wonderfully talented actress whose long-time portrayal of irascible fag-puffing Dot Cotton in EastEnders was one of the all-time great performances in British Television.

“June was such a funny, feisty, fabulous lady off screen too. Very sad news.”

He attached a photo of himself with an arm affectionately placed on June’s shoulder after having interviewed her for his ITV Life Stories slot back in 2014.

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June, who was 86 at the time, made headlines for her frank and candid discussion with Piers.

At that point, she had been a much-loved familiar face on viewers’ TV screens as Dot for more than 28 years.

She let loose a number of revelations, including revealing her innermost thoughts to the nation after Piers asked if she had been a good mother.

“No, I don’t think I was,” she admitted in response.

“I wasn’t a natural mother. I love my children but it was a lot of work.”

She also admitted that choosing to be a working mother was essential for her as she would otherwise have become “depressed” and “miserable”.

The self-deprecating star also added: “I was a bit selfish, I suppose.”

However, the feisty actress had devoted significant time to her children, giving birth to six in a period of just seven years.

The pair also discussed June’s stage career prior to starting in EastEnders, when she performed at the Old Vic.

She even candidly discussed with Piers her heartbreak at discovering that her husband Johnny Garley had taken his own life at the couple’s home.

“I’d left him a shilling and an eight pence so that he could put a shilling in the gas,” June explained of the horrific moment, “[and] he’d left his will and his note to me written on the back of his script.”

Later in the interview, June discussed how she had daringly stripped off for Calendar Girls aged 81.

The other 11 participants wore flesh-coloured underwear, making her the only one who had been brave enough to bare all.

Piers had affectionate memories of interviewing the star, and has been sure to pay tribute to her legacy, which fans have responded to equally warmly.

@blindshore replied: “RIP June Brown”, before joking: “Giving hope to smokers everywhere of living a long prosperous life.”

Anyone who has been affected by the references to suicide in June’s interview should contact The Samaritans, who are available 24/7 on the number 116 223. 

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