Prince William: Its very special to see my kids playing with my cousins children

Prince William did an interview with Radio Marsden this week. It was a light interview about Christmas, with questions submitted from the young patients of NHS Royal Marsden. These kinds of “events” are so easy, it’s a wonder he and Kate don’t do more of them. I mean, all he had to do was go somewhere and chat for about twenty minutes. It wasn’t even live! To be fair, William has actually been doing a few more of these kinds of things this year, these smaller appearances which don’t get tons of press. Kate has not.

On Thursday, Prince William sat down with Barry Alston of Radio Marsden, a charity run by volunteers, broadcasting to and supporting cancer patients at the Royal Marsden Hospitals in London, to answer some holiday-themed questions from young patients.

While Prince William, 39, admitted that food is “quite important” around Christmas and he always finds “a tiny bit of space left in my stomach somewhere for a bit of turkey or sausage or a bit of wine,” he most looks forward to the holidays as a time to get together with loved ones.

“For me, generally, bringing the family together at Christmastime is always lovely because we’re quite spread out doing our things a lot of time throughout the year. We get very few moments to actually come together,” he said. “When I see my children meet up with my cousin’s children, and they all have a wonderful time playing together, it’s very special. I look forward to that a lot. Obviously, Christmas is a new dynamic when you have children. Suddenly it’s a whole different ballgame of noise and excitement.”

William received one question about board games, and he shared that Monopoly and Risk are favorites in his household with Kate Middleton and their three children: Prince George, 8, Princess Charlotte, 6, and Prince Louis, 3. However, it’s something that “usually everyone gets very cross about because they lose.”

And while Elf on the Shelf is a popular Christmas tradition for lots of families, it doesn’t seem like the elf has visited the palace…at least not yet. “I don’t know what Elf on a Shelf is,” William admitted.

Prince William also shared his favorite Christmas film (he said he watches Elf every Christmas “and it still makes me laugh”) and named “Feliz Navidad” as a go-to Christmas song, although he shared that he finds it hard to decide and also gave a shout out to Mariah Carey.

As for what William wants for Christmas this year, he said that he hasn’t had much time to think about that question. But he does hope Aston Villa, his favorite soccer team wins their Boxing Day match.

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Yeah, I’m a few years older than William and I think for both of us, “Elf on the Shelf” wasn’t really a thing for our generation. I didn’t know what it was until I was in my 30s, and even then I’m still sort of like “wait, what is it?” When William talks about music, I always realize just how uncool he is and how little he cares about cultural stuff. Like, I guess he thinks it would be gauche to have a favorite band or a go-to Christmas album or something like that. This is the part that made me think though: “When I see my children meet up with my cousin’s children, and they all have a wonderful time playing together, it’s very special…” Yeah, his cousin’s children. Not his own nieces and nephews (via Harry, or even Pippa). His cousin’s children. I guess he’s talking about Zara’s kids. Those Cambridge kids are going to grow up not knowing their first cousins.

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