Princess Eugenie waited a full month before seeing her father post-settlement

One quick word about Prince Andrew before this larger story involving his daughters… apparently, it’s been confirmed now that Prince Andrew will attend Prince Philip’s memorial service next week. We heard, weeks ago, that he would, but the BBC ran a confirmation from Andrew’s spokesperson. Because Andrew still has a spokesperson? Is the spokesperson officially an employee of Buckingham Palace? Because that’s certainly a bigger story. But yes, Andrew will make his first official appearance (since paying off Virginia Giuffre) at the memorial.

As for this story, it comes from the Daily Mail’s Talk of the Town column. The columnist claims that Princess Eugenie might be on the outs with her father, and she and her sister might be fighting now too, because Beatrice is still quite close to Andrew.

She may have been perfectly happy to be seen in public alongside her controversial cousin Prince Harry in Los Angeles, but Princess Eugenie appears to have developed a reluctance to show similar open support for her own father. A source tells me that the Princess plans to spend the summer ‘doubling down’ on her charity commitments and will be increasingly visible in her role as founder of the Anti-Slavery Collective as she bids to distance her own reputation from what is left of the Duke of York’s.

The Princess, who has a one-year-old son with husband Jack Brooksbank, is preparing to launch a series of podcasts in early summer that will feature a variety of guests talking about modern slavery, including sex trafficking. Her father, pointedly, will not be one of them – and a Royal source confirms that there have been ‘zero’ conversations between the father and daughter on the topic.

I have also learnt that Eugenie waited a full month to see her father again after he settled his case with Virginia Giuffre. She was away with work in the build-up to his settlement, working in LA, and stayed away for at least another fortnight after it was announced Andrew was to pay Giuffre a reported £12 million. And she added an extra leg of holiday on to her work trip rather than flying home to console him.

They finally reunited when she visited the family home, Royal Lodge, last week. But while she was steering clear of her father, Eugenie was happy to be pictured with her cousin Harry, not once but twice, during her visit to LA for the Frieze arts festival.

Meanwhile, her sister Princess Beatrice has been at the centre of Royal life in Windsor, spending time with the Queen at Frogmore House. A source says: ‘There has been disquiet about a rift between father and daughter and even between Princess Beatrice and Eugenie. There is a feeling that Beatrice is closer to her dad at the moment. But the party line is that any distance between members of the family could never last – they are too close for that.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Eugenie is perfectly within her rights to put some emotional and physical distance between herself and her father. My guess is that she was probably very upset about the whole situation, and hopefully Harry and Meghan were good shoulders to cry on while she was in California. It also seems to me like Eugenie is the one who could and would follow in Harry’s footsteps and move to America. Seeing how her favorite cousin lives in Montecito must have been so eye-opening for Eugenie, although she did live in America (New York) for several years in her 20s. Anyway, it’s not her “duty” as a daughter to run back for happy family time with her degenerate father after he successfully negotiated a settlement with his rape victim. She’s allowed to feel however she wants about it.

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