German Racer Laura-Marie Geissler Is Funding Her Races With a Trailblazing NFT Collection

German racer Laura-Marie Geissler — a 23-year-old racecar driver from Munich — has partnered with creative agency Amsterdam Berlin and blockchain-backed platform Unblocked to launch the first-ever NFT-supported racing team.

Dubbed the LMG GT No. 1 project, Geissler’s initiative intends to secure funding for female racing by leveraging the power of web3, specifically via NFT sales for the 2022 season.

“I want to be seen for my driving, to be measured strictly by my performance,” Geissler said in a statement. “Not by my private life, my looks or the sponsors that I find or don’t find.”

The NFT design itself is based on the Le Mans race legend, the “Pink Pig,” mimicking the nature of the famous racecar with intentional beauty marks that are meant to represent the “pressure put on the physical appearance of female drivers,” reads a press release. The design stands for gender equality in the racing world by making a statement against the objectification of female drivers in motorsports.

“This project attempts to rethink the way sport sponsoring works,” Moritz Grub, cofounder of Amsterdam Berlin GmbH, said. “It uses NFT technology to enable a new decentralized sponsoring model that creates a leveled playing field for the athletes, independent of gender, race or social status.”

The NFT arrives with a 360-degree version of the livery and a high-resolution shot of its design, as well as the LMG GT No. 1 racecar branded with the buyer’s name and an Aria GP-6 helmet signed by Geissler, which will be shipped to the winning bidder.

“Using the power of the blockchain, Unblocked is super excited to partner with Laurie-Marie Geissler to bring fans closer to the action than ever before, while amplifying some of its most underrepresented voices,” cofounder of Unblocked Harrison Wang added.

Along with the car, Geissler’s NFT collection includes a series of 1,001 helmets and 100 digital suits, which are now available for purchase at fixed prices on the official website.

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