Princess Madeleine Reacts to Her Kids’ Royal Titles Being Removed: ‘I Think It’s Good’

Princess Madeleine with her children, Princess Leonore, Prince Nicolas and Princess Adrienne

Princess Madeleine and her brother Prince Carl Philip are opening about their father King Carl XVI Gustaf’s decision to have their children’s royal titles stripped.

On Monday, the palace announced that the children of Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill, and Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia, are no longer official members of the royal house, which means they are no longer expected to perform official royal duties.

“His Majesty The King has decided on changes to The Royal House. The purpose of these changes is to establish which members of The Royal Family may be expected to perform official duties incumbent on the Head of State or related to the function of the Head of State,” a palace statement read.

Soon after the announcement was made, Madeleine took to her personal Instagram to share her thoughts on the decision.

“Earlier today, the court announced that Leonore, Nicolas and Adrienne will no longer belong to the royal house. This change has been planned for a long time. Chris and I think it’s good that our children are now getting a greater opportunity to shape their own lives as private individuals in the future,” she wrote alongside a sweet photo of her three children.

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Madeline’s younger brother, Prince Carl Philip, also took to Instagram to share his thoughts on the decision, writing: “Today, the King announced the decision that our children no longer hold the Royal Highness position. We see this as positive as Alexander and Gabriel will have freer choices in life.”

Prince Carl Philip, Princess Sofia, Prince Alexander and Prince Gabriel

“They will retain their prince titles and their duchies, Södermanland and Dalarna, which we value and are proud of. Our family has strong connections to both landscapes and we maintain our commitment there.

“We will continue to focus on our heart issues and commitment. We will also continue to support the King and Crown Princess – our future head of state – and participate in the King’s House activities as we wish.”

Despite losing their title of Royal Highness, Madeleine’s three children — Princess Leonore, 5, Prince Nicolas, 4, Princess Adrienne, 1 – and Carl Philip’s two sons — Prince Alexander, 2, and Prince Gabriel, 2 — will retain their titles of Prince and Princess, but these titles will become personal and any future spouses or children will not have a right to them.

The decision does not pertain to Princess Estelle, 7, and Prince Oscar, 3 – the children of Crown Princess Victoria, who is heir to the throne, and her husband Prince Daniel. Unlike their cousins, both Estelle and Oscar will both continue to be part of the royal house.

Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar
Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Oscar, Princess Estelle and Prince Daniel

In 2016, Princess Madeleine, who relocated to Florida with her family last year, talked about life at home with her children and how her hands-on approach was inspired by her own children growing up in the palace.

“I think because my mom and father, of course, were so devoted to their work and as King and Queen, they have lots of obligations, so they were away quite a bit when we were small. But when they were home, they were very present and I feel that I want to give my children as much as I can,” she told PEOPLE.

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Madeleine, who works with the World Childhood Foundation, also said she hopes her kids follow in her footsteps when it comes to her efforts on behalf of kids all over the world.

“I would love that, but of course, it’s important to see what they’re passionate about,” she said. “I would be very happy if they do – just as I think my mom is very happy that I’m following her. (Madeleine’s mother, Queen Silvia, started the World Childhood Foundation 20 years ago.)

“I would be very proud if they take on these issues as well.”

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