Riverdale Cast Says Goodbye After Filming on The Series Wraps For Good

That’s a series wrap on Riverdale!

The CW series first premiered in 2017 and is currently in the midst of airing it’s seventh and final season.

Season seven picks up where season six ended, when Jughead Jones finds himself trapped in the 1950s. He has no idea how he got there, nor how to get back to the present. His friends are no help, as they are living seemingly authentic lives, similar to their classic Archie Comics counterparts, unaware that they’ve ever been anywhere but the 1950’s.

It isn’t until Jughead is visited by Tabitha Tate—Riverdale’s Guardian Angel—that he learns the cosmic truth about their predicament. Will Jughead and the gang be able to return to the present? Or will our characters be trapped in the 1950’s forever? And, if so…is that such a bad thing?

While we still have several episodes left, the cast just wrapped filming forever over this past weekend, and are taking to social media to share their goodbyes.

Riverdale‘s series finale is slated to air on Wednesday, August 23rd on The CW.

Check out the cast’s reactions inside…

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