Snoop Dogg Brings Grandson to Classic Car Meet-Up, Coolest Grandpa Ever

Snoop Dogg is introducing his grandson to the culture — the classic car culture — while also staking his claim as the coolest grandpa on earth!!!

The Doggfather and his grandkid, Zion, hit up Mel’s Drive-in on Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood for some serious family bonding … checking out the whips and jamming to Snoop’s classic, “My Heat Goes Boom.”

Little Zion here is the spawn of Snoop’s oldest son, Corde Broadus, and he’s already getting schooled in all things West Coast … complete with low riders and g-funk music. Zion’s Uncle Cordell, aka Snoop’s 2nd born, was also there for the Sunday meet-up.

Ya gotta see Zion steal the show, though, mugging for cameras … kid’s got a future in Hollywood just like his grandpa!!!

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