Sophie Turner Has a Message For Anti-Maskers

If, over nine months into a global pandemic, you're still not wearing a mask — or wearing it under your nostrils, because that doesn't count — Sophie Turner has a message for you.

"If I can wear a mask while I give birth… you can wear at Walmart. And that's the tea," she said in an Instagram story video on Wednesday.

The CDC recently issued a message saying that masks protect the wearer as well as people they might encounter from the spread of COVID-19. And while the arrival of the vaccine in the U.S. has given us a little hope, we're still in for a difficult few months as the virus spread continues to worsen before the vaccine is readily available to the general population. Plus, even when most of us do get vaccinated, things won't snap back to "normal" immediately — and it doesn't necessarily mean that you can stop wearing a mask.

In short, listen to Sophie Turner and wear a mask.

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