Sssniperwolf canceled: YouTuber has been accused of transphobia and racism

It seems YouTuber SSSniperwolf, aka Alia Shelesh, has been canceled today on Twitter, and it all stems from accusations of transphobia and racism.

Sssniperwolf has long delighted fans on YouTube and TikTok with her videos advocating various life hacks. She has become known for her dark humor and straight-forward no-nonsense delivery style.

She also spends a lot of time publicly slamming and calling people out.

But it now seems that many fans have taken issue with several past videos of the YouTuber where she appears to make fun of transgender folk.

And she has also been found to have used racist language.

In a widely shared video on Twitter yesterday, Sssniperwolf is seen calling non-binary people “attack helicopters,” a slur used to mock people who do not identify as either male or female.

There is also a lengthy YouTube video from April 2009, mocking a transgender individual for losing their temper after being repeatedly misgendered in a store by a sales clerk.

You can see the incident in the video below at about the six-minute mark.

Sssniperwolf has also been accused of racism

Accusations of racism were leveled at her when she was found to have commented on footage of actor Zendaya attending the 2019 Met Gala dressed up as the Disney princess Cinderella.

Sssniperwolf seemed to think that Zendaya shouldn’t have dressed as Cinderella because the fairytale character is supposedly white. She suggested that she should have gone as the black-skinned Princess Tiana instead.

Fans expressed disappointment in Sssniperwolf

These instances led to Sssniperwolf being canceled on Twitter, and many fans expressed their shock and disappointment in the YouTuber.

One transgender individual wrote about how they were disappointed and saddened by Sssniperwolf’s behavior.

Another fan complained that as Sssniperwolf is guilty of multiple offenses, she should be booted off the social media platform.

Canadian and First Nation actor Shannon Baker retweeted one of her own tweets from two years ago. She berated Sssniperwolf for making fun of Native Americans who were upset at folks appropriating their dress at Halloween.

At the time, Baker had written, “Dressing up as a native, a real live people, is harmful to native people.”

She clearly still has support in some quarters, as one fan tweeted her to say that she had fallen in love with her videos and loved her.

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