Strictlys Amy Dowden unveils puffy face amid Crohns flare up

Amy Dowden talks about her Crohn’s flare up

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Amy Dowden, 32, has bravely opened up about her struggles with Crohn’s disease after her latest flare up. The illness has affected the Strictly Come Dancing star’s eyes and face, but she has insisted that this “won’t stop her” from dancing up a storm.

According to the NHS, Crohn’s disease is “a lifelong condition where parts of the digestive system become inflamed.”

It’s also a type of the condition known as inflammatory bowel disease – or IBD.

Amy took to social media to reveal that her face had puffed up significantly, which is one of the illness’ side effects.

Speaking to her Instagram followers yesterday, the Strictly star said: “As much as I love showing you all the fabulous fun things I get to do, this is also my reality.

“So living with Crohn’s, the last few days my eyes have properly flared up.

“But it’s ok, you keep smiling. The makeup girls do all they can to make me feel amazing and beautiful.

“And look, I’ve got a cup of tea and I’m about to go,” she added, before greeting makeup artist Jessie O’Leary.

“I was just saying this is the reality of my Crohn’s,” Amy continued. “What have I looked like the last few days?

“They look better today, my eyes,” she added. “Don’t my eyes look way better? What do you reckon?”

“Stunning now,” Jessie replied, before commenting: “You look great.”

“Because the last few days they’ve been a bit iffy. But do you know what? We keep going,” Amy continued.

As Jessie branded the dancer “Superwoman”, Amy responded: “Thank you, darling.

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“It won’t stop me doing what I love. But yeah the last few days have not been…” she trailed off as the video cut to a new clip.

“Sorry, I got cut off but yeah, my face is still swollen,” Amy confirmed. “This is what it’s like living with an inflammatory bowel disease.

“But I’m not going to let it define me, I’m not going to let it stop me doing what I love and I really want to dance and perform here too,” she said with resolve.

“I feel fine in myself now and I’ve got all the energy,” Amy continued.

“But yeah, I always want to try and be true and honest and help create awareness for this disease.

“It’s not all what you think. It’s not all about the guts – there’s just so much more to living with this blooming awful disease.

“Anyway, how lucky am I? I get to perform today at the O2 and I’m so excited,” she signed off.

Amy is just one of the professional dancers travelling around the country to take part in the Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour.

Last year, she competed alongside EastEnders actor James Bye, with the pair becoming the fifth couple to be eliminated from the competition.

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