Taylor Swift Camera Crew Documenting Entire 'Eras' Tour, Possible Project in Works

taylor swift cameraman

Taylor Swift is no stranger to signing huge deals, and we’ve learned there’s another one on the horizon … with camera crews following her “Eras” Tour journey throughout the world.

Camera crews have been present at just about every “Eras” Tour show thus far — getting plenty of shots of Taylor, her fans and some behind-the-scenes content. It might seem standard for tours these days, but the scope of the crews with Taylor show she’s got something more in the works.

taylor swift eras tour

We’ve spoken to sources who say there’s not yet a plan for the project — whether it’ll end up on streaming or in theaters. It could be a multi-million dollar deal with Netflix, a company with which she has history.

While the details are sparse on how the footage will be used, you can bet Taylor’s fans will eat it up … especially those who couldn’t attend “Eras” in person.

As we reported, plenty of stars came out for the first two of 6 L.A. shows — and Taylor had a super sweet moment Thursday night with Kobe Bryant‘s daughter, Bianka, when she presented her with a hat and a hug in the middle of the show.

Taylor’s got 4 shows left in Los Angeles, so there’s plenty more for fans to take in … and for those who can’t, keep an eye on what’ll happen with all the footage from her camera crews.

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