The Internet Is Clamoring for Bella Hadid's Mystery $16.99 Dress

Bella Hadid's millions of followers are waiting with bated breath for the model to drop one of her secrets.

No, it's not about her love life or even the secrets to her Zoom call looks. It's all about the green halter dress she wore for a series of Instagram photos showing off her Michael Kors bag.

Shortly after she shared the photos on Monday, a follower commented, "This dress tho. I need," to which Hadid responded, "I bought it online for $16.99 I’m gonna find the link for u."

Bella Hadid IG Embed

But over a day later, Hadid still hasn't dropped the link, and her followers are clamoring in the comments. At the time of writing, the comments under Hadid's total over 200 other people also asking for the link to the mystery dress. Even now, a Google search for "green halter dress" will also autofill "green halter dress $16.99." After all, it's rare for supermodel Bella Hadid to own a dress that the rest of us plebs can also afford to buy online.

Bella Hadid IG Dress Embed

We'll be waiting for that link, Bella.

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