Trump Again Touts 'Acing' Cognitive Test, Insists He's Not Stupid

Donald Trump is once again insisting he isn’t dumb … by once again touting the fact he “aced” a cognitive test during his presidency, which is actually quite easy to pass.

DT was in Delaware, OH this weekend for a rally … and at one point, he brought up the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MOCA) test he took in 2018 — which he famously hyped up in a Fox News interview a couple years later … the whole “woman, man, camera, TV” thing.

His point for discussing it anew … to reiterate, he’s smart … and NOT stupid, like he says the media makes him out to be. Apparently, that’s why he wanted to do this at the time.

Trump goes into detail about the convo he had with then-WH physician Dr. Ronny Jackson — how he insisted he takes MOCA to silence haters who called him an idiot. He says he knew they were wrong … because he apparently has a long history of “geniuses” in his fam.

The ex-Prez insists the exam is strenuous, or at least that’s what he says he was told — but as many have noted since … MOCA is very simple, mostly consisting of stuff like connecting lettered or numbered dots together, drawing a clock, correctly ID’ing a lion or camel and being able to recite a series of words repeatedly … which Trump was proud to note, he did.

As you know, Trump’s mental fitness was often questioned during his tenure — including one notable time that he appeared to slur his words while talking publicly — but he and his team dismissed all of that … and the doc himself even had an explanation.

Now, as Trump appears to be ramping up for another run … he’s back on the intelligence horse. When you’re with him, you’re NOT with stupid — at least that’s DT’s thinking.

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