What’s In The KKW Beauty x Winnie Collection? Kim Kardashian & Winnie Harlow 100% Nailed It

Oh, you’re looking for your new favorite beauty collab? Hi, allow me to wax poetic about what’s in the KKW Beauty x Winnie Collection, since Kim Kardashian and Winnie Harlow literally just announced it, and I’m already obsessed. Did I see this collaboration coming? No, ma’am, I did not. Am I shook to my core and ready to stan? I most certainly am, thank you for asking.

Allow me to set the scene. There I was, scrolling through Instagram, trying to rid myself of the post-Labor Day Weekend blues, when BOOM — I slowed my scroll after almost missing a photo of Kim Kardashian with model Winnie Harlow, full-on twinning and serving some serious face. At first, I was a little confused, but Kardashian’s caption said it all. "I’m so excited to announce my new KKW x WINNIE Collab!!!" she wrote, and goodness gracious, I’ve never pressed ‘Like’ so fast. "@winnieharlow is someone I admire and respect so much," Kardashian’s caption continued, "She’s the definition of a true beauty." That is so sweet?? What’s better than strong, beautiful women supporting other strong, beautiful women?? The answer, obvi, is absolutely nothing.

Also, the sheer black outfits and Ariana Grande ponytails are everything, if you ask me:

Fortunately, Kardashian knew better than to tease her fans and keep us waiting, because this time around, the products are already on the KKW Beauty website to be previewed. "Our @kkwbeauty collab features a gorgeous 12-pan Eyeshadow Palette, a Highlighter Duo and 3 Glosses," Kardashian spilled on Instagram, and yes, I need them all.

But before I delve into the products themselves, I need to dedicate a few more minutes to the slayage that is the campaign. These pics are fire:

Both ladies are giving me Cleopatra vibes, complete with gold mesh necklaces and bronzy smoky eyes to die for:

OK OK, let’s get to the products. Obviously, the star of the show is the KKW x Winnie Eyeshadow Palette ($49, kkwbeauty.com), which contains 12 Harlow-approved shades. This is definitely one of the most unique color stories in the KKW Beauty arsenal, with a great mix of lights and darks, mattes and shimmers, and warm and cool tones. Swoon.

I can already think of a million looks to create using this fun lineup. It’s also so spot-on for fall. Great timing, Kim and Winnie!

There’s also a KKW x Winnie Highlighter Duo ($26, kkwbeauty.com), because, as this collection clearly demonstrates, two is better than one. The brand describes shade "Luna" as a golden pink, and deeper shade "Soleil" as a copper bronze.

BTW, these would also serve as amazing eyeshadows, in case you don’t plan to cop the palette:

Last in the lineup are three shades of KKW x Winnie Gloss ($18, kkwbeauty.com). The brand describes "Tiger-Eye" as a warm nude rose with champagne pearl, "Secret" as a dusty pink with silver pearl, and "Aura" as a soft nude with pearl pink. I could see any of these pearly beauties being Winnie’s daily go-to gloss, so these shades make perfect sense.

If you want all three, you can snag a gloss bundle for $42:

If you want everything everything, you can buy the entire collection bundle for $112. That’s 12 eyeshadows, two highlighers, and three glosses — not too shabby! If you’re as ready to stan this collection as I am, you can shop KKW x Winnie via the brand’s website on September 13 at 12PM PST.

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