Why Jennifer Lopez Hated Filming Her Love Scenes With Wesley Snipes: 'He Got Really Upset About It'

Jennifer Lopez has been very open about the good and bad that comes with being a movie star. She’s especially transparent when it comes to her time on movie sets, as the outspoken actor isn’t afraid to express when something or someone rubs her the wrong way. From awkward sex scenes in The Boy Next Door to uncomfortably undressing in the action thriller Parkour, Lopez isn’t one to hide her feelings.

So it comes to no surprise that she was vocal about her unpleasant experience filming love scenes with Wesley Snipes. And it was an experience for Lopez that went beyond shooting movie scenes, as even outside of work Snipes irritated the multi-talented star.

Why Jennifer Lopez hated filming her love scenes with Wesley Snipes

Jennifer Lopez once revealed how uncomfortable it was undressing for her love scene in Money Train. In the movie, Lopez plays a newly assigned transit officer by the name of Grace Santiago, who ends up taking a liking to Wesley Snipes’ character. Eventually, the attraction the two had for one another would lead to Lopez and Snipes making love. But there were certain liberties taken with the love scene that Lopez didn’t agree with.

“It was horrible,” Lopez said according to Contactmusic.com. “When you first start working professionally, you push the boundaries of what you should and shouldn’t do, and I didn’t think I had the right to say no, like, ‘No, I’m not doing this, and that’s it..’ So we did it, and it was tough.”

Lopez commended Snipes on being professional and a gentleman. He asked Lopez what would help her feel more comfortable during the love scenes.

“Bring music, play it loud,” Lopez told him.

But although Snipes helped Lopez feel comfortable during her love scenes, Lopez revealed the Blade star wanted to take their relationship a bit further. That was when things got complicated between the two.

Wesley Snipes was constantly hitting on Jennifer Lopez

In 1998, Jennifer Lopez was very candid about how she felt regarding certain stars. She targeted the unequal and unfair pay gap between men and women in Hollywood. She would even call out other actors like Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna. Around this time period, she also brought attention to Wesley Snipes for his behavior in Money Train.

The website, twixnmix.tumblr.com, pulled up a 1998 Movie Line interview where Lopez calls Snipes out for his flirtatious behavior.

“Wesley – even though I had a boyfriend at the time – went full-court press. He was flirting with me-you always flirt with your co-stars, harmless-then he just started getting a little more serious,” Lopez said. “He would invite us all out together and then at the end of the night, he’d drop me off last and try to kiss me. I’d be like, ‘Wesley, please, I’m not interested in you like that.’ He got really upset about it. His ego was really bruised. He wouldn’t talk to me for two months.”

But Wesley Snipes had a different recollection of events.

“That was my job…I tried to make her comfortable – took her to dinner, talked. I knew people would look at the screen and say either, ‘They have chemistry,’ or, ‘They don’t,’” Snipes said. “She tried to make it seem like I was using the craft just to get into her pants, and that really offended me. That’s why I didn’t say nothin’ to her.”

Whatever contention the two had, Snipes and Lopez have nothing but kind words to say about each other now.

Jennifer Lopez placed a prop between her and her Co-Star for her very first love scene

Jennifer Lopez was nervous about shooting her first love scene. According to Yahoo, Lopez gave an interview with The Insider in 1996 describing her anxiety surrounding her first big love scene. Although she’d been intimate in movies before, it was her first time doing a full-blown love scene with another actor.

“I’ve done kissing, caressing, heavy petting, but I’d never done a love scene before, so I was very nervous about it,” Lopez said.

Lopez called a lot of friends for advice on the love scene. She eventually got in touch with an actor friend of hers who advised her to ask for the love pillow.

“And I was like, ‘the love pillow? What is the love pillow?’” Lopez said before explaining what the love pillow does. “Depending on how close the camera is, you can put it between you, so you’re not having major skin-to-skin contact if you don’t want it.”

After asking one of the wardrobe ladies for help, Lopez was eventually able to acquire this love pillow. Yahoo assumes the film they were referring to was Money Train since Lopez mentioned Woody Harrelson being on set.

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