William has Harrys picture on display – it shows deep affection, says expert

Eagle-eyed royal fans recently spied a black and white photograph of Prince Harry in the background of The Prince and Princess of Wales' video to mark the Coronation – and a royal expert suggested what this could mean for the brothers' relationship.

Former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond exclusively told OK! that the inclusion of the image showcases the "deep affection" Prince William still has for his brother in spite of everything that has happened since Harry stepped back from his role in the royal family.

In the footage, which was released on The Prince and Princess of Wales' YouTube channel, the family can be seen preparing for the historical event at their home of Apartment 1A of Kensington Palace.

When the couple's daughter Princess Charlotte enters the shot, walking across a drawing room, a piano is seen in the background. A series of framed photographs dress the top, with one in particular grabbing the attention of viewers.

Many believe the image features Prince William and Prince Harry with their mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, posing for the late royal's 1995 Christmas card – the year before her divorce from King Charles was finalised.

Jennie Bond revealed why the photograph would have been included, especially when royal aides pay such attention to what is in the background of any royal photograph, video or speech.

The expert says: "I think you could take it as a token of William's deep affection for Harry, regardless of everything that has happened. It would also be a sign of the often happy childhood they had and of how much they loved their mother."

She continues: "Family portraits in any distributed royal photograph, video or speech are always placed for a reason and the background is scoured so I think it is likely to have been included as a reference of their sibling bond.

"It could have been easily removed so I think is as much a tribute and a sign of his love for his mum as for his brother. There were happy times when they grew up together and they were very, very close so perhaps that's why William has it.

"The whole Coronation film is so glossy. It really does seem like something out of The Crown. It's a very slick production and gives us a glimpse behind-the-scenes with footage that isn’t on TV.

"You always feel that anything like that is a little bit special as that is when you see them at their most relaxed and maybe even forget the cameras.

"I think everyone is enjoying seeing the three Wales children step into the spotlight a little bit more and watch them growing up.

"Social media is a very valuable PR tool and particularly important in keeping the monarchy connected with the younger generation as it's very important that they do engage with them."


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