16 Couples Who Are 100% Staying Together Forever

1.This couple who never loses sight of each other, no matter what:

2.This husband who makes sure his wife is always watching:

3.This husband who made a calendar with candid shots of his wife:

4.This wife who goes the extra mile to make her husband’s day:

5.This husband who captures all of his wife’s angles:

6.This boyfriend who knows relationships are all about the little things:

7.This husband who apologizes in the best possible way:

8.This husband who got his wife the ultimate gift:

9.This S.O. who made the cutest Twitter account with the most pure tweet:

10.This husband who made the sweetest reminder for his wife:

11.This husband who lets his hair stylist wife experiment with new colors on his mustache:

12.And this husband who has spa nights with his wife:

13.This wife who knows how strong her relationship is, even when it’s rocky:

14.This husband who got his wife’s attention with a fake parking ticket:

WARNING: “Your husband loves you with everything he’s got.”

15.This husband who switched his wife’s scale numbers out with something better:

16.And this husband who created a diagram on how to operate the remote for his wife:

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