26 Reasons Why "Great News" In The Most Hilarious And Underrated Show On TV

1.They know that sometimes just getting through the day is an achievement.

2.They give top tips for making friends in your new work place.

3.They have real solutions to the real problems.

4.Tina Fey… just, Tina Fey.

5.Hard hitting journalism brought to you live from New York City.

6.Because word play is never not funny.

7.For whatever is going on here.

8.You’ll never feel bad again about being behind the times…

9.…or struggling to keep up to date with the lingo.

10.Because sometimes you get all the feels.

11.Helpful coping mechanisms on dealing with rejection…

12.…and for spending too much time alone.

13.The pop culture references are on point.

14.New ways to eat fruit you’ve never even considered.

15.Because families come in all shapes, sizes and altitudes.

16.Groundbreaking revelations.

17.The whole show is at the leading edge of innovation.

18.Because we all have a secret guilty pleasure.

19.Helpful advice on getting a little ‘pick me up’… don’t do drugs kids.

20.Because Nicole Richie should be in more things, a lot more.

21.Affordable and fashionable.

22.Health and safety training advice.

23.Because google can be your greatest friend, but also your greatest enemy.

24.Packed lunches are great, no matter how old you are.

25.Girl. Power.

26.The hard truths.

Great News is available to stream on Netflix now.

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