AllRightsReserved "MEET Nicasio Fernandez PROJECT" Captures the Personal Human Experience

The AllRightsReserved MEET PROJECT is kicking off 2021 with a pair of sculptures from New York artist Nicasio Fernandez.

Presenting the Uh Oh letter opener and the Blooming ceramic vase, this partnership is fused with subtle humor and captures the personal human experience within contemporary life from surrealism. Fernandez’s surrealist oil paintings highlight slapstick and dark humor and blue-collar workers, offering an exploration of both mental and physical endurance. He hopes that his goofy and vibrant depictions of human beings will open up more narratives and personal interpretations of his work.

“It came from the idea of chance and trust, trusting someone to have such a straight shape of knife going into the apple on your head, which controls everything, your brain and inside over there, so it’s definitely scary things, and I kind of want to play with that type of fear,” Fernandez said in a statement. Touching on Uh Oh, he explained, “People always send texts and emails, but handwritten letter doesn’t really happen too often. With this letter opener, maybe people will be interested in writing letters to each other and being really excited to open up the letters and packages with the letter opener.”

The AllRightsReserved “MEET Nicasio Fernandez PROJECT” is now open for a global raffle on the DDT Store until March 1. Each work will be available in only 50 pieces, with Uh Oh priced at $1,800 USD and Blooming at $950 USD.

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